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Here is how to install the different versions of GrabMyBooks

Installing GrabMyBooksDesktop

GrabMyBooks can be used via a standalone application that runs on any laptop or desktop computer. This standalone application is called GrabMyBooks Desktop To install GrabMyBooks Desktop, click on its download link on the home page.
A zip file will be downloaded. Extract and run the GrabMyBooksDesktop java file either by double clicking on it or by command line with the 'java -jar' command.
Install and run GrabMyBooks Desktop
You should see the main section of the application appear on screen.
GrabMyBooks Desktop main screen

If you are using Linux please avoid OpenJDK and use Oracle official JDK.

Installing the web browser extensions

There are also web browser extensions that allow a more user friendly experience as the user can directly grab the pages he navigates through. Those extensions need GrabMyBooksDesktop to be installed and running in order to work. To install a web extension for GrabMyBooks, click on the related link on the home page. You will need to restart your browser to see the changes. Once restarted you should see the GrabMyBooks menu in the toolbar.
Extension toolbar menu

Installing the Android version

For smartphones and tablet users, an Android version of GrabMyBooks is available. To install GrabMybooks Android, click on the related link on the home page or lookup GrabMyBooks in the Google Play Store.

Installing the Firefox Legacy version

For the legacy standalone Firefox version (Firefox <= 56), the latest can be found there: Legacy Firefox v1.8.2.1

User guide's home page