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Accessing the options screen

The basic option screen is accessible by the Options menu item.
options menu item
The first page displayed in the option screen are the basic options.

Grabbing of images

If the Grab images check box is checked (which is the default value) then whenever an article is added to the book, its images will be too and they will be included in the resulting epub file.
grab images option

Sometimes, on web sites, the images displayed in an article are reduced versions of a bigger picture accessible by a click.
If the Grab target images check box is checked, then whenever that is the case, the bigger version of the image is going to be fetched instead.
grab target images option

Image quality

There are three levels of quality for the grabbed images.
By default it is set to the lowest 'normal'. If you need higher quality you can increase increase the level using the Image quality select box.
grab images quality

Style grabbing

In the options you can choose to grab the style of the pages. GrabMyBooks will try and grab the html styles (not css). It includes bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, subscript, superscript and small effects.
grab style
The text keeps the style in the book.
bold italic

If the Grab links check box is checked, then links are going to be kept in the final epub/mobi file.
grab links option

Tables grabbing

If the Grab tables check box is checked, then tables are going to be kept in the final epub/mobi file.
grab tables option

Hidden elements grabbing

If the Grab hidden check box is checked, then the hidden html elements will be grabbed.
grab hidden option

Widget direct grab

If the Direct book grab check box is checked, then each time you download a book by clicking on a book widget, you directly get the epub file. If the check box is not checked, then the content of the book from the widget is added to your current book in the case of you want to edit the content or put several books in one.
direct book grab option

Auto save

Auto save, when enabled, saves your current book in background so that if the browser is closed then the book is not lost.
You can enable/disable this functionality in the options screen.
auto save

Next time firefox starts you are asked if you want to recover the last book.

auto save notification

If you want to skip this last step and automatically load the book without being asked then check the Load saved book without asking checkbox.
auto save without asking notification

Save suggestions

Save suggestions are small bubbles that pop in next to the Grab my book button when the mouse goes over it in the book editor.
Save suggestions bubble

They suggest you to set a title or cover if you haven't done it. Also if you configured a directory to directly save the books into, a bubble appears with a choice to save the book into another location.
You can disable those suggestions by unchecking the Save suggestions checkbox.
Save suggestions

File format

You can save your book into two different formats: epub or mobi.
More info.

Direct transfert

With direct transfert, you can specify a directory into which your books will be saved directly when the Grab my book button is clicked.
This directory may be one on your eBook reader in order to save directly your books into it. The path is set in the options screen.

direct transfert

A notification appears telling you that the book has been saved.

direct transfert notification

Leaving the field blank in the options screen results in you being asked each time where to save the book.

Sending the book via mail

This option may be specially useful to transfer a mobi book into your kindle device.
To enable the sending via mail functionality you need to check the Send book via email checkbox in the options.

mail configuration

You need to have Calibre installed on your computer and configure the path to its calibre-smtp command. In windows it is likely to be found at C:\Program Files\Calibre2\calibre-smtp.exe.If you run linux or any other OS or have Calibre installed at a different path you need to fill accordingly the corresponding input named Calibre calibre-smtp path.
Then you need to fill the information about your provider's smtp server. In the Smtp server input, set the address of the smtp server.
There are 3 security protocols configurable depending on the one used by the smtp server of your provider. SSL (by default), TLS or NONE.
The Destination email address field lets you specify the email address to which the book is going to be sent.
The Source email address is the sender's address for the mail. You can let the default value or change it in case of difficulty to go through a spam filter preventing you to receive the mail.
The last field, Command extra parameters , allows additional parameters to be sent to the calibre command. you can refer to the calibre documentation. This may be useful if a password is needed to use your smtp server.
Please note that if you are using a firewall you will need to allow calibre's smtp command to access the internet in order to send the mail.
If everything works fine once you grab the book, you should see a notification telling you the book has been correctly sent.
mail notification

Titles of articles

With GrabMyBooks each article can have two titles (one main and a smaller second one). The two following select boxes let you specify which default values should be set for those titles. By default title one is the Page title and title 2 is set to Nothing which mean there is no second title by default.
titles option

Both title default value can be set to:

Note that if a page has no title and the option says to set a title to the page title then Article num default title will be use. Same with articles added with the Add button in the book editor.

Default metadata values

Each book can have its metadata edited (title, description, author...).
There are default values for the language and the author. You can change those default values in the corresponding fields.
Metadata default values

By default the context menu of GrabMyBooks is set in a submenu. The reason is to not overload your context menu with to many icons in case of you have a lot of add-ons installed. In some cases you might want to reduce the time it takes you to grab content. You can choose to have the context menu appear directly and not in a submenu. It saves time but takes more room in the menu. Your choice.
context menu display mode


On some readers, the default margin settings might not be the best. You can set them here by changing the values in the related select boxes.
changing margins

Restore default options

Basic options can be set back to their default values by clicking on the Restore default button.
restore default values