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Welcome to GrabMyBooks

The software that allows you to grab content off the web into your eBook reader

Why GrabMyBooks

You just bought a nice eBook reader and you realize what a fantastic piece of equipment it is. It doesn't tire your eyes, it has a very long lasting battery and is easily carryable.

So now you just want to fill it with good content. That's where the problem is. You only have a few options available:

Don't worry, the solution is here, GrabMyBooks is an application that allows you to grab content from the web and easily convert it in an epub file fully compatible with your reader.

GrabMyBooks is available as a Firefox and Chrome add-on or an Android app.

Here is a glimpse of how GrabMyBooks works:


March 29th 2016

GrabMyBooks for Firefox got updated to version 1.8.2

Wiki and eMail bug fixes

What changes:

  • Technical update.
  • Bug fix for Wikipedia images not being correctly grabbed.
  • Bug fix for book email delivery.
  • Improvement of the book autosave mechanism.
  • Possibility to configure the text alignment.

October3th 2014
GrabMyBooks Android GrabMyBooks for Android has been updated. Reading functionality. Now you can read the current book one page at the time in full screen. Use your finger to turn the pages. To launch the reading, click on the "more" menu in the book screen and click on "read". GrabMyBooks Android Read
Mai 9th 2014
GrabMyBooks ChromeGrabMyBooks is now available on Chrome.

You will need to have at least java 6 installed because a small piece of software called GrabMyBooks Tools is needed for the extension to work.

So download the GrabMyBooks extension from the chrome store.
Then once installed, there is a new menu with an ereader icon.
Chrome menu
Click on the first item of the menu My Book.
It will display a page allowing you to get the GrabMyBooks Tools java program.
This program has to be running for GrabMyBooks to be able to work.

GrabMyBooks is then ready to create multiple ebooks!
Chrome GrabMyBooks

November 10th 2013
GrabMyBooks AndroidGrabMyBooks is now available on Android in 2 versions:
  • A free lite version where you can grab up to 5 articles per book.
  • A paid version with unlimited articles per books.

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