GrabMyBooks user guide

Intro Installation Installing GrabMyBooksDesktop Installing the web browser extensions Installing the Android version Overview Grabbing content automatically Grabbing the content of the current page Grabbing the content of a link Grabbing the content of the opened tabs Express grab of the current page Notification Grabbing content manually Grabbing selected links Visualizing the book Accessing the book Browsing the articles Editing the book Editing the content of an article Adding a new article Changing the position of an article Deleting articles Adding images manually Styling text Adding a link Adding a table Editing book metadata Choosing book cover Getting the ePub file Mobi (kindle) support Keeping the epub file when saving as mobi Getting the book file via mail Loading a book Feeds Adding a feed Visualizing a feed Grabbing feed content NewsPapers Options Accessing the options screen Grabbing of images Image quality Style grabbing Links grabbing Tables grabbing Hidden elements grabbing Widget direct grab Auto save Save suggestions File format Direct transfert Sending the book via mail Titles of articles Default metadata values Contextual menu Margins Restore default options Detection rules Rule editor Next page rule Link on page rule Uninstall